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“A fascinating phenomenon”… At 80, suffering from a rare syndrome, he relives the same day every day



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An 80-year-old man suffering from a rare syndrome called “already lived” feels like he is constantly reliving the same day. A disease that is now incurable.

“Every day is a repeat of the day before…Wherever I go, the same people are on the side of the road, the same cars are behind me with the same drivers inside…Nothing is new”. The 80-year-old man who gives this testimony, in a case study published in the BMJ Journal, has a syndrome called “already-lived with recollective confabulation” which makes him feel like he is reliving the same day over and over again. . He says he brought his television to be repaired, because he always sees the same information on it.

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The authors of the study identified in the brain of the octogenarian biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease. “Although rare, it is a fascinating phenomenon that may provide unique insight into memory and delusional processes in dementia,” they write. The man, likely to develop “a depressive disorder or a psychosis”, can however “continue to live at home in autonomy”.

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