A Deep Dive into China’s Booming Surgical Robotics Landscape

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Written by Doug Hampton

BEIJING, Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The groundbreaking Global Medical Robotics Conference 2023 will be held in Beijing on September 8, 2023. This unprecedented event brings together a wide range of surgical robotics from around the world, making it the first of its kind globally. The conference is organized by China’s leading surgical robot media, MedRobot, and the robotic service platform, Leaderobot, and the academic support is Intelligent Surgery and JINGYI.

With over 80 startups in the past three years and raised more than 8 billion RMB in the last year, China’s remarkable growth in surgical robotics is undeniable. There are various types of surgical robot companies here, applied in departments such as general surgery, urology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, and oral surgery.

Industry Titans & Trailblazers

Top executives from all three listed surgical robotics companies in China, including MedBot, Tinavi, and Sagebot, will be joined by global giants like Medtronic and Siemens at the highly anticipated Global Medical Robotics Conference. The event will also feature presentations from over 12 innovative companies, as well as renowned research institutions such as Johns Hopkins University and premier medical institutions in China.

This conference goes beyond showcasing end products; it provides a comprehensive overview of the industry. Attendees can expect valuable insights from upstream industries involved in producing essential components like sensors, optical components, motors, and end tools for robot operations. Downstream services, including clinical trials, precision machining, and CRO services, will also be highlighted.

Diverse Surgical Robots Showcase

The conference highlights the wide range of advanced surgical robots in the field. Topics of discussion will include robots designed for orthopedic surgeries such as joint replacements, trauma, and spine; laparoscopic robots for urology and general surgeries; robots for ophthalmic and dental procedures, and those specialized for lung cancer biopsy punctures. This diverse range of topics underscores the significant advancements achieved in the field and offers attendees a comprehensive view of current and future innovations.

Comprehensive Agenda

The conference will kick off with insights from physicians on the trajectory of surgical robots, followed by presentations from tech experts at Tinavi, sharing their unique innovations. The journey into the world of robotics in surgeries will continue with Medbot shedding light on their 5G-powered remote surgical procedures.

The event extends beyond lectures. It offers engaging roundtable discussions with knowledge exchange opportunities, featuring firms like Yuanhua Robotics, Rossum Robot and potentially Yakebot, Xianwei. Attendees are guaranteed a comprehensive experience with International perspectives, such as from Prof. Axel Krieger of Johns Hopkins University, and sessions dedicated to the surgical robot industry ecosystem.

Global Presence, Local Expertise

With 450 on-site attendees and a global live stream, the conference is poised to make a significant impact. Professionals from the surgical robot industry, investors, physicians, scholars, and more will gather. This event perfectly showcases the harmonious blend of pioneering medicine and progressive technology, making it a must-attend for all the future healthcare investors.

For a deeper dive and up-to-date details, visit www.medrobot.tech.


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