37 Million Bottles Of Pine-Sol Bottles Recalled By Clorox As Bacteria May Be Present

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Written by Doug Hampton

Nothing is more dangerous than harmful bacteria– and the ones present in casual homecare products. It is a big deal! The same happened with the Pine-Sol users. 

If you are a fan of the famous Pine-Sol product, this one is for you. As per the reports, the famous multipurpose kitchen cleaner may contain harmful bacteria! Yes, you heard it right. Clorox reported that the famous kitchen cleaning bottles contain life-endangering and harmful bacteria that can cause many health resurrections. 

37 Million Bottles Of Pine-Sol Is Being Recalled By Clorox Because Of Possible Bacteria Contamination

The bacteria is suspected to be Pseudomonas aeruginosa which can harm people with compromised immunity. Even those who recently suffered from Coronavirus can get badly infected. If you or your loved one is assisted with medical equipment or with a medical procedure, this bacteria can be life-threatening.

37 Million Bottles Of Pine-Sol Bottles Recalled By Clorox As Bacteria May Be Present

Although we still don’t have any confirmation on the type of infection, the bacteria cause some serious health effects. These infections might require medical attention- this was reported by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

Immediate measures were taken up, the website displayed the necessary information. They quoted how Pine-Sol is volunteering to recall some of its cleaners. The scented cleansers may contain harmful bacteria. They also reported the severity of the health issues related to the same. People may inhale it via kitchen utensils or take it through their eyes. This bacteria can also enter the body via the skin. Although people with strong immunity may not get the infection, why take the risk?

According to their reporting, they are also recalling the investigation. They will conduct product analysis to safeguard people’s health. For the company, people’s well-being is the most important thing. 

The investigation took the Internet by storm and many users started doubting its original product. To clear the air, the statement was released saying how the Original Pine-Sol, the Pine Scent isn’t included in the list. It is safe to use the product according to the directions.

There is a list given on their official website about the impacted products. You can check the UPC, date, and codes to confirm otherwise. Also, the company is offering a refund for the same. Make sure you read the details before making a move- there are a total of 8 products that are said to be impacted. For easy reading, these bottles are in purple, dark indigo, light blue, lime yellow, red, and sky blue colors. Apart from the color identification, please read the UPC of the Pine-Sol bottles.

The non-impacted products are also given on the website. They are the basic, original bottles by the company. 

All the reimbursement requests are said to be live from October 27th. They are open to queries and other matters as well. You can reach their customer care service from Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 9 PM (ET). People who wish there directly file the reimbursement can fill out the online form (given on the website) and the refund will be initiated. 

There is a proper procedure given on the website on how to look for the UPC as well as the date issued. Please go through the procedure carefully before you make a move! People of the USA can rest assured about the refund by the company. 

Although the product has impacts on the weak, the rest is still under investigation. The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has reported no injuries till now post-product use. It is safe to say the situation is under control but make sure you throw your bottles after imitating a refund on the website. Stay safe.

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