TESTIMONY. His cancer recognized as an occupational disease, this former arborist campaigns for the cessation of pesticides

Doug Hampton

the essential After years of fighting, Bernard Guignes obtained recognition as an occupational disease for his prostate cancer. The former …

After 147 years of presence, the Little Sisters of the Poor leave Auch and sell their retirement home

Doug Hampton

the essential It had been in effect since the spring of 2022. The nuns who manage the Ma Maison nursing …

The emergencies of the Union clinic closed this weekend

Doug Hampton

Published on 07/21/2023 at 6:56 PM the essential For lack of sufficient staff, the emergencies of the Union clinic will …

Asymptomatic Covid: genetics could explain it

Doug Hampton

Infected, the carrier of a particular antigen would be two times less likely to present symptoms relating to Covid-19. Wednesday, …

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Americas Best Wings Reviews

America’s Best Wings: Everything You Need to Know

America’s Best Wings is a leading American food franchise delivering different flavors of chicken wings and a range of other delicious foods to people across the globe. This franchise was …