Lanne: with the explosion in the number of civil status documents, the future single hospital “imposes” a new town hall

the essential The installation of the single hospital in Lanne will lead to an explosion of civil status records, between births and deaths, which will be multiplied by 200. The municipality is already preparing to cope, which involves the creation of a new town hall. The “moving” of the hospital to the town of Lanne … Read more

Access to health: “We need structures to attract caregivers”

the essential Faced with the aging of the population, recruiting health professionals in our rural area is a key issue. Doctor Combe-Cayla, pulmonologist and vice-president in charge of health at the West Aveyron intermunicipal authority, takes stock. How to attract health professionals in West Aveyron?Dr Pascale Combe-Cayla : “It’s a global strategy. West Aveyron is … Read more

Wash. Launch of the heat wave system

Exposing a person to a high outside temperature for a prolonged period, without a period of sufficient coolness to allow the body to recover, is likely to cause serious complications, especially in fragile people. After the drama of the 2003 heat wave, a national heat wave plan was put in place. Since 2004, the mayor … Read more

Early identification of disorders in young children

the essential After a year of existence and 100 children already in active line, the Lot-et-Garonne coordination and orientation platform has just been inaugurated. This support and orientation system for children under 7 years old with neurodevelopmental disorders, allows early care to facilitate diagnosis, avoid over-handicap and promote orientation towards appropriate support. A device carried … Read more