Stark County board updates water, food ordinances

The Stark County board approved revised versions of the Stark County Water Ordinance and Stark County Food Ordinance at their monthly meeting last Tuesday night.
The revisions, according to Dorothy David from the Henry/Stark County Health Department, are to modernize both ordinances, clean up some unnecessary language, and make changes that reflect the current laws regarding the subjects.

School deficits slightly smaller than anticipated

During the July Stark County School Board meeting, board president Mark Rewerts reported on the 9th annual board retreat held earlier in the day. 
At the retreat, long-term planning for staffing was discussed after reviewing planned retirement dates for teachers.  Superintendent Jerry Klooster also shared details on prior debt reduction actions and possible future considerations.  The board confirmed its commitment to paying down bonds.

Prophetstown man pleads guilty in deadly West Jersey crash

A Prophetstown man, 37-year-old Joshua D. Eyrich, appeared in Stark County Circuit Court for a pre-trial hearing that ended in a plea and sentencing.
Eyrich pled guilty to two counts of three he faced as a result of an August 24, 2014 crash that occurred approximately one-half mile north of West Jersey on Illinois Route 78.

Bradford seeks solution to unauthorized sewage items



At the monthly Bradford village board meeting Monday, Maintenance Supervisor Jim Chadwick informed the board of trustees that the pumps at the sewer plant are being continually plugged and damaged by unauthorized flushing of clothing articles and so-called “flushable” wipes.
As a result, the pumps have to be pulled and cleared of the articles and sometimes repaired because some residents are using their toilets or some other means to dispose of garbage and trash into the sewer system.

Toulon Mayor: I’m not ruling out criminal or civil action




Toulon Mayor Larry Hollis told the council and public Monday night that he’s “taking a little different approach, different angle” to the city’s investigation into misuse of funds.
“I don’t want anyone to think we aren’t doing anything. We are working on it,” he added. “I’m not going to say much under legal advice, but I’m not ruling out criminal and/or civil action at this time.”