Wyoming Council donates to Toys for Kids Program

wyomingThe Wyoming City Council made a $3000 donation to the Toys for Kids program during a special meeting of the council on Monday, November 3.  Bebe Groter was at the meeting to answer questions of council members.
 She said they serve 34 Wyoming families with about 100 children.  The form that participants are required to complete was shared with council members who did ask questions about who qualifies for the program.  Groter said the program also provides things like blankets, school supplies and carbon dioxide detectors.  The council thanked Groter for her years of working on the program.

County looking to pass another surplus budget, taxes to decrease

The Stark County Board has temporarily approved a 2015 budget that projects a $54,700 excess. Now the plan must sit for 15 days for public inspection. The board will now reconvene on Nov. 21 to formally approve the budget.
The excess is over $8,000 more than the county projected for the 2014 fiscal year, which concludes on Nov. 30.
For 2013, the board budgeted for a similar $54,000 surplus for the year and exceeded that by more than twice to a $122,795 excess when the final numbers came in. That helped the county’s bottom line and prevented them from having to issue tax anticipation warrants this past spring, a practice which had become common the past few years.

Bradford’s alert plan is revised, call system added



Due to the recent water boil order that occurred, the board of trustees for the village of Bradford implemented measures to the alert plan that will reach more citizens of an emergency situation.
A malfunction of the new water tower communications device between the tower and water reservoir dropped the water levels in the tower to nearly empty because the pumps had shut off.

Parrott elected Regional Vice Chairman of CBAI


Douglas Parrott, president and CEO of State Bank of Toulon, was elected regional vice chairman of the Community Bankers Association of Illinois (CBAI) at the association’s annual convention held recently in Chicago.  As a regional vice chairman, he serves on the CBAI board of directors, as well as its strategic planning committee, and as chairman of its membership committee.

Bradford Dist. #1 discussing tuition rate with high schools

bradfordBradford District Superintendent Dr. Elin Lotspeich told the school board at their October meeting that she will be attending the board meetings of the three districts where Bradford sends high school students.  She is attending their meeting at the instruction of the board to discuss the way tuition rates are figured.  Lotspeich has researched deactivated districts in the state and found that there are three ways that tuition is being figured.  Only one other district pays tuition based on the formula that is used for Bradford students.

The board recognized studentS of the month for August; Isaac Stahl, Jacob Reay and Elexie Barks, for September; Nicholas Bosh, Abby Wall and Maile Abella.  They also recognized the Junior High Student Council and National Junior High Honor Society for the month’s activities of Cancer Awareness Week, Red Ribbon Week and Bullying Month.