Fatal accident on Route 17

photo-14The Stark County's Sheriff's Department released an official press release stating,

On Friday, February 14, 2014 at 9:32 a.m. the Stark County Sheriff's Office was advised of a two vehicle traffic accident on Illinois Route 17, about 1/4 mile west of 450E. Involved was an Illinois Department of Transportation Plow Truck and one automobile. This accident is still under investigation.

But sources confirm to The Stark County News that the accident resulted in the death of the IDOT worker.

Witnesses to the accident said the plow driver had stopped on the side of the road to check on the status of a vehicle in the ditch when he was struck by another vehicle on the roadway who had lost control.

The Stark County News hosts candidate forum on Feb. 26

The Stark County News is hosting a forum for all county-wide candidates at the News Room Bistro at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, February 26.
All of the contested races are in the Republican Primary which will be held March 18.
All three candidates for resident county judge have accepted the invitation as have most of the candidates for county clerk and recorder, county treasurer and county board in the district that covers the east side of the county.
Each candidate will be given five minutes to present his or her case for election, following which there will be time for questions from the moderator and the audience.
Sharon Deahl of Galva, who has moderated many Henry County League of Women Voters candidate forums, will be the moderator.

Patel pleads guilty of one count

Hena Patel, 38, plead guilty to one of four counts Tuesday morning stemming from the November 26, 2012 accident that took the life of Shubha Patel, age 7.

Patel was facing four counts, two aggravated felony DUIs charges and two misdemeanor DUIs charges.

Tuesday morning she entered a guilty plea to the first count, aggravated DUI, with the condition that counts two, three and four be dropped. State Attorney James Owens and Judge Thomas Keith agreed to the plea deal.

Sentencing will be held March 18th and 9 a.m. in Stark County Circuit Court.

Toulon’s energy rate to change in May

toulonToulon’s city council designated Mayor Larry Hollis as the sole representative to renew the city’s energy rate contract with supplier Integrys.
The current contract expires after April’s billing and sits at 4.4¢ per kilowatt hour (kwh). Present high energy costs will increase that rate.
Integrys representative Kevin Ritter spoke with the council Monday evening at the monthly meeting about the new rate. Ritter suggested that a one to three month variable rate 5.3¢/kwh be implemented.
The variable rate contract would get the city’s customers through the higher costs of energy that are driving the market’s price up. Then, when those costs possibly become lower, a longer term contract could be negotiated when the weather is not driving the demand upward and the resultant prices.
Integrys has suggested that a new agreement be implemented before February 25th. Therefore, Hollis will have to decide whether to accept the one to three month variable rate contract, or agree to an unknown fixed rate contract for a longer term.

Toulon considering vehicle impoundment ordinance, electronics recycling program

toulonThe Toulon City Council met this past Monday night for their January meeting.
The council was given a copy of a proposed ordinance from City Attorney Bruce Fehrenbacher regarding the impoundment of vehicles.
Mayor Larry Hollis told the council to review the ordinance and that no action would be taken that night.
Fehrenbacher also announced the lots south of the high school, “Toulon Ridge,” had been plotted and are ready to sell.
The council did approve an invoice to Bruner Cooper & Zuck for the engineer work to Turner Ave. for the sewer line extension project approved in December.
Also approved was a bid for $800 to purchase the 1998 Ford Crown Victoria red police car. There were a total of three bids. The city had stripped the car of its equipment prior to the sale.
Mayor Hollis stated he would make a point of speaking to Eagle Enterprises of Galva about a possible electronics pickup time or drop off spot.