Highway Dept. secures funds for drainage improvements

The Stark County Highway Department has secured $1.2 million for drainage improvements on Snareville Road.  The funds will be used to replace two culverts damaged during the floods of April 2013.  The Stark County Board approved a resolution on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 to enter into a funding agreement for each of the two projects.  
In a meeting held February 19, 2015, Stark County Engineer, Mark Otten, presented the justification for upgrading the projects from repairs to replacements to representatives of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  Mr. Otten substantiated the fact that the two culverts required replacement - rather than the previously approved repairs – to ensure the safety of the motoring public in Stark County.  The continued degradation of the two culverts since the flood event was shown to be a result of the initial damage caused by the floodwaters.  Until the culverts are replaced, the Stark County Highway Department continues to monitor both culverts and will take the necessary steps to protect the safety of the travelling public at all times.

Wyoming seats new council members

Two alderman were appointed to the Wyoming City Council at the April meeting.  Aldermen Jeff Rumbold, Joe Gray and John Carroll did not seek reelection and no candidates filed to run during the recent election.  The council voted to approve Mayor Pat Maher's appointments of Steve Hansard to the vacant third ward position and Kathy Hardy to the vacant first ward position.  Both had previously served on the council.  The vacancy for the second ward is yet to be filled.
During the meeting, the council approved a program that had been presented by the Better Banks at a previous meeting to enter into a "cash sweep" program.  This will allow the city to keep all accounts within FDIC insured limits.

Ground broken for new Toulon grocery

In front of a good crowd of approximately 60 well-wishers, excavating subcontractor Todd Smith, of Toulon, dug the first symbolic shovel-full of dirt for the new Super Valu Toulon this past Thursday at the back of the site on Main Street in Toulon, signaling the rebirth of a grocery store for the community.
General contractor Ron “Skip” Turnbull of Toulon declared the $400,000-plus building will be built almost wholly by local subcontractors.

County board finalizes engineering paperwork, re-appoints

The Stark County Board completed a fair number of housekeeping agenda items last Wednesday night.
The board approved multiple resolutions presented by County Engineer Mark Otten, including awarding sealcoating and rock bids for the county and townships. Other resolutions included a supplemental resolution for the 2007 county engineer salary which finalized paperwork with the state and changed allocated funds to where they should be.

Parking restrictions now on Franklin in Toulon hope to reduce bottlenecks


On Monday night the Toulon City Council approved paying off carry over days given to employees from the former administration. The policy only applied to two employees, Barb Cantwell and Mike Richardson, who were given 20 days vacation to use at their discretion, instead of allowing days to build each year, by former Mayor Rick Collins.
Richardson had all 20 days unused and Cantwell had approximately 18 days remaining. Both will be paid for those days, like other employees had previously been when they either retired or left.