Scam artists strike in Stark

The Stark County Sheriff’s Office is warning of a recent telephone scam affecting many local residents.
Our area was and is being hit by scam artists. They call saying they are with the I.R.S. and that YOU owe them money. Of course that’s followed up by asking for your credit card information and threats of your arrest by Federal Marshalls if you don’t comply.

Wyoming owed $168,000 plus from Pin Oak


During the Tuesday, March 10 meeting of the Wyoming City Council, city attorney Bruce Fehrenbacher discussed the Sheriff’s Sale of Pin Oak Apartments.  The sale would be held on Monday, March 16 at 9 a.m. at the courthouse in Toulon.  Pin Oak Apartments currently owes the city more than $168,000.
The council approved a donation of $750 to the Stark County After Prom organization after a presentation by Paula King and Michelle Storey.  This will be the 13th year that the group has held a safe event for the students following their prom.  According to King and Storey, more than 150 kids usually attend.  The yearly cost is around $6,000 with entertainment and prizes for those attending.  Mayor Pat Maher thanked the ladies and the organization for all of their hard work.

New Bradford police chief takes office


Bradford has a new police chief, with the oath of office taken by Landon Horrie Monday evening during the village’s monthly board meeting.
Horrie replaces his uncle, Pat Horrie, as police chief who resigned last month.  The new chief then presented the board of trustees with a monthly report of activity by the Bradford Police Department.

City council members, attorney meet with States Attorney Owens



Results of the meeting kept private in closed executive session

Toulon City Attorney Bruce Fehrenbacher revealed Monday night that he and council members Donna Lefler and Connie Jacobson had met with States Attorney Jim Owens regarding the alledged misuse of city funds. However, Fehrenbacher held any further discussion for an executive session.
At the February meeting, Mayor Larry Hollis said the council was planning on sitting down with Owens to review expenses and see about pursuing the investigation further with possible criminal charges.

Bond reduced in domestic battery/assault case

Peter Hawley, 37, of Wyoming received a substantial reduction in his bail bond amount from $300,000 to $25,000 in a case involving alleged domestic battery and aggravated assault with a weapon (shotgun) – both Class A criminal misdemeanors.
Hawley’s legal counsel, Robert H. Rennick, Jr. argued in Stark’s Circuit Court Tuesday February 24 that his client has, “little criminal history and was not charged in Tazewell County concerning a firearm’s charge.”