Meaker seeks visitation rights with daughters

meakerKendra E. Meaker, 20, currently in the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC), has requested visitation rights to see her two daughters. As of press time, The News has not been made aware of the decision by Stark County Circuit Court Judge Scott A. Shore in this regard.
In a court appearance Friday, Meaker, through public defender Robert McBride, asked Shore to rule in favor of her having visits with the two girls.

Lightning strikes chimney at high school building

chimneySchool officials say they think they will have to remove the chimney at the Stark County High School building after it was struck by lightning on Sunday night, Monday morning.

The strike left the west side of the chimney about torn completely through.

School officials have barricaded an area around the chimney and an engineer did preliminary inspections on Monday morning.

Straight line winds make a path through county

storm1Just over a month after experience record rainfall, residents from Wyoming to Bradford and everywhere in between have to once again clean up after Mother Nature.

At 8:34 p.m. on Monday afternoon, a quickly strengthening system entered Stark County from the southwest. According to radar images, a slight rotation was occurring within the rain wrapped system. It was at that time that local officials prompted the National Weather Service to issue the first severe thunderstorm warning.

The first wave produced about dime sized hail and minor damage despite its torrential rainfall. It was the second wave an hour later that did the most damage.

Just after 9 p.m. the second warning was issued and the punch that it packed was dangerous to say the least.

Widespread damaged occurred from Sharkey Highway, to the north end of Wyoming, to Castleton, and on into Bradford.

Second Long Time Employee resigns from City of Wyoming

Wyoming City Council called a special meeting for Wednesday, May 29 with the only item on the agenda being personnel.  At the meeting it was revealed that 26 year city worker George Knowles had turned in his resignation.  This comes just over two months from when the only other full time street department employee Joe Beck, with 29 years of service, resigned his position as City Street Superintendent. This leaves only a part time summer worker and summer lawn mowing employee in the department.  

Bank robbery suspect: It was just a joke

williamsIn a rare Sunday morning hearing, Judge Thomas Keith in his first Stark County Circuit Court preceding found probable cause to charge Joshua Allen Williams, 28, of Toulon with Financial Institution Robbery, a Class 1 felony.

According to the criminal complaint and sworn testimony from arresting Deputy Eric Peed, Williams entered the State Bank of Toulon on Saturday, May 4, just before 11:15 a.m.

With a plastic bag over his head, he proceeded to tell one of the tellers to present him all the money in the drawer. After the teller refused, Williams tore a hole in the bag and said he “wasn’t very good at this” and left.

Williams returned to the bank around 12:15 p.m. and was identified as the suspect and arrested.

In an initial interview with Deputy Peed, Williams stated it was “just a joke” and he was “trying to play a prank on the tellers but it went wrong.”